January 6, 2013


In memorandum for the centennial of WO I in 1914, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) decided to fund some One minute shorts based on the theme "peace".
The movies will be shown on the big screen in front feature films throughout 2014.

Together with my friend Dries Bastiaensen, we decided to take a light hearted and fun spirited approach to the heavy theme of war and peace, putting it in a simple yet charming context.

Alas, our concept was not selected by VAF, so here's the animatic, some concept art and a supposed-to-be-still. The first two were done by me, the still we did together.

animatic from Joris Bergmans on Vimeo.


tek! said...

Love it!

willborough said...

yep great stuff!


Ben Ho said...

Wow dude! This is really really good. I cant wait to see the finished article too!

joefeinsilver said...

Nice work!

Unknown said...

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