August 29, 2009

Thief's Requiem

It has been a busy month...
I was comissioned by KlaraFestival to make a promotional video for a huge art installation by Marty Schnapf, that might take place in Brussels next year. It consists of 115 sound responsive light balloons, a concert performance of Mozart's Requiem, and many more elements. You can find more information here.

The video lasts about 3.5 minutes and had to be finnished in less than 3 weeks on a tight budget, but I think we managed well!
I did the art direction and background design, while Camiel Hermans did the characters and animation and Marike Verbiest took care of most of the compositing.

Here's a selection of stills:


tek! said...

this is how alpha rainbow should have looked like!!

stace_face said...

beautiful joris, love those colours! where abouts do you work by the way? take care in the snow..... is it snowing in gent?