June 28, 2009


While studying 2 years ago I made the movie "Rain" with fellow student Jonas De Ro (who graduated this year with his beautiful thesis movie "Sintra"). The movie captures a moment in time when a rainstorm rushes over a city.

At Annecy this year a simular movie played, called "Rains". It's pretty much the same movie, only done in a totally different way (and twice as long). I guess the synopsis is not that hard to come up with, but I still find it interesting how both movies turned out so different, yet so much the same.

Rain has been online for a while at my site: download rain in quicktime

Rains has its own site including a trailer, which can be found here.

1 comment:

lois said...

yeah, i remember that movie from annecy! it was lovely. your animation is lovely too but has more.. substance, visually.