February 8, 2009

The paralel universe of the monsters!

Yesterday I visited my old pal Lois in Leuven! Suddenly a guy passed who looked strangely familiar, but I had no clue where I could have seen him before. Untill it suddenly hit me! I had been staring at candid video footage of him for 2 days while I was working on one of the monsters videos that was shot in Leuven! I think you always get some sort of strange bond with the people in the footage, because you work so closely on it. To see them pass by in real life is really strange, then.

Oh, it's the movie with the broccoli, I don't think it's online yet.

But have another one of my favourites till then:

Monsters: 024 Schoolklas from Volstok Telefunken on Vimeo.

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joost said...

I love these monsters videos!
great work!