August 6, 2008

What happened to me?

I'm having a full time job right now (at Volstok Telefunken) and in the spare time I'm trying to enjoy the summer weather. Not much drawing for me lately, except sketching, but that's what the other blog's for...

So I went to Paris to visit an exhibition about the great Georges Melies, father of the special effects film, and the owner of a wonderful mustache.
But, only the French can think of something as stupid as to close their national film museum for a full month during tourist high season. They could at least have mentionad it on the exhibition site! I guess they hate to be rude, but, they're French!

So I went to Disneyland where I took place behind a light box for the first time since I graduated. It's different from the ones I'm used to, though...

Next time I'll do a drawing!

1 comment:

michiel said...

stelt ge voor dat we op zon lichtbakken moesten animeren!
Het zou mijn rug niet ten goede komen!